If you suffer from hearing loss, you are not alone.
In fact, hearing loss is very common, affecting around 360 million people worldwide.

We offer a full range of Audiology services, helping you to find the right solution to manage your hearing loss.

Ten million people in the UK (that’s one in six) have some degree of hearing loss. The main causes are hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma, and ear diseases.

And, of course, there is age. More than 40% of people over 50 years of age have some degree of hearing loss, rising to 70% of those over 70. Amazing developments in both hearing performance and physical size means there are better, discreet and more affordable solutions to help you with your hearing loss.

The incredible gift of sound allows us to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family. I's also what allows us to enjoy music, television and other entertainment.
Hearing loss is often gradual and it's not easy to notice that you are not hearing as well as you once did.

Signs of hearing loss can include:

  • Frequently having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Having trouble when there’s a lot of background noise
  • Music doesn’t sound as clear as it used to
  • Having to increase the volume of the TV
  • Struggling to hear what children or grandchildren are saying

If any of these points sound familiar it’s a good time to have your hearing properly assessed by our Audiologist.